Greenbelt 2004

1 Sep

I arrived at my first Greenbelt not really knowing exactly what to expect. The weather held up as we pitched out tents and then we started to explore. Within no time at all I was bumping into various people that I new and it was great to see so many of them.

I have got to admit that it took me a while to get into the whole thing as I arrived feeling fairly tired. I did however do this and the music, flavour and feel was really to my liking (if not the weather at times).

Spent time listening to John Smith, Ched Myers, Ann Morisy, Morna Hooker, Steve

Chalke as well as many others speaking about a diverse number of themes.

The Greenbelt 2004 theme was ‘Freedom Bound’ and included an open air communion led by some of the sticky music crew, Arch Bish Rowan and Ched Myers. We looked at and acted out seens from the passover in exodus and then compared this to Jesus and the last supper. The compaison between the 2 and the freedom that they bring was really interesting.

Music that i saw there was eclectic to say the least and included, Lambchop, Andy Hunter, Brian Houston, 29th Chapter and Andy Flannagan.

I came away from Greenbelt feeling more tired, more dirty but also with the challenge of working out what being free means for me and also for those i come into contact with. How does the paradox of gaining freedom yet being required to give it up again work. Any suggestions.


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