Kros Culture

25 Oct

Christian Hip Hop, Eros Night Club? This is the youth event that i was at last night. Kros Culture saw hundreds of young people come together in North London’s biggest club to hear acts including, Witness, 4Kornerz and 29th Chapter.

After overcoming some initial technical problems i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event. I only became involved with Kros Culture towards the end of the planning phase but have been impressed by what i have seen.

The cultural diversity of the people that attended the event was great to see with representatives from many churches from all across N.London. Amongst some fears of security issues outside the event everything seemed to go smoothly and everybody that i saw and spoke to seemed to be having a good time (one small issue was i a runin that i had with a bouncer, all rectified peacefully once he realised that if he didn’t let me back into the venue he may be in for a late night as that was where the young people iwas taking home were waiting).

It’s great to see churches getting together to put on good quality events for young people. Hopefully more to come!


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