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8 Dec

Went to see the Beastie Boys last night. The venue was the tin shed that is wembley arena which we managed to get lost going to. Anyway after missing the support act we (Jo and Clare King) managed to find our seats (yes seats, again i do hate wembley) which were about as far away from the stage as possible. Looking around it was all to apparent to see the whiteness of this hip hop audience. The age range was also astounding, from us twenty somethings down to early teens and then up to the forty somethings.

The Beastie’s were pretty fanatastic as they rattled through most of the old classics and also some off the latest album (to the 5 borough’s). The highlight which i think would have been almost unanimous, the Beastie’s appeared in the middle of the standing area of the arena and let rip with an incredible version of intergalactic.

Amongst the stunning visuals and lights there was a feeling that this may just be a bit of music history as we wondered whether these artists that have been around for near on 20 years will be back to the UK again.


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