Thought for the week 2

13 Dec

There’s no such thing as ordinary

All of you who know me a bit will probably agree that i’m a fairly ordinary person. I was average at school, i was ok at sports, i really just got on with things. I always had that feeling of being a ‘Mr Average.’ Although i know that i had been taught it at church/youth group i didn’t realise that i am actually much more than average, i am in fact priceless. The reason is that i am made by and have a relationship with the God who made the universe. He has given me talents and skills to comlete the tasks and life that he has set before me. Although i often feel average and on the face of it i am, i become more than ordinary because of my relationship with an extra-ordinary God who all things are possible for.

In the same way God has made you unique. He has given you your own skills and abilities. He has made you exactly how he meant to and you are an important part of his plan for the world.

Read: Psalm 139

He knows all about you, your strengths and weaknesses.

Pray: Ask God to help you to find out the plans and things he wants you to do with your life.


2 Responses to “Thought for the week 2”

  1. Anonymous December 14, 2004 at 1:57 pm #

    How are you old bean?! My word, it sounds like life is pretty amazing for you at the moment,what with all that volutary sweating and what not!!I have just got back from Japan(I spent 12hours on the plane watching little britain, nighty night,spaced,the office etc etc,) which was surreal but fantastic!
    Mate, we must must catch up ver-ver-soon!!
    Take care, much love to you and Jo.

  2. Jenny December 14, 2004 at 3:07 pm #

    hi lewis…
    had a look on your page and read what you’ve written.
    just want to post a short comment:
    i think you’re absolutely right, everyone is a very special person in gods eyes, with special gifts and skills and god wants us to use them.
    you’ve chosen a good psalm to underline it.
    but in my point of view verses 19-22 are a little bit strange, or should i say old-fashioned in a special way? i often try to think about things in the way jesus would have thought about them, and i believe he wouldn’t have said something like this…he taught us in the sermon on the mount to love our neighbours and our enemies.
    i often have problems with the psalms, because lots of them are sort of violent and not really full of love as i imagine god our father. sometimes i ask myself what will happen to people that think in that “black-and-white” way or that thought in that way when they lived: “love your friends” and “hate your enemis”…however, i could write novels, but i better continue working now. i’ll pray that god will show me the way and the things he wants me to do in my life, as you know, i’m thinking about studying theology…
    just one more thing. i read a kind of joke this week that fits at this point and that’s not wrong:
    anyway, i have an assembly on friday and have to prepare it.
    god bless
    byeee jenny

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