Goodbye 2004

31 Dec

I really like the start of a New Year, there’s something fresh and exciting about it. I have for a number of years now tried to pause at the end of the year and try to reflect upon what’s happened during it and how I have changed.

2004 has been an interesting, exciting and draining year for me personally. Moving from Custom House and my friends there back to North London and Winchmore Hill Baptist Church has been an exciting, difficult, scary, fun time. Renewing old friendships and starting new ones with people within this old/new family has been great. Thanks to all of you both who now live both near and far away for your support of me personally, spiritually, financially and also with regards to my ministry. To those of you who I dont speak to nearly enough, a sincere apology. You all still hold a special place in my heart and I think about you often. The impact that each one of you has made on my life is unquantifiable.

Moving back closer to Jo has been an adjustment for both of us. After 4 years of seeing each other 1 or 2 times a week it has been really nice to be able to spent time with each other and not to feel like the time together is just about catching up on what’s happened in the previous week.

On the whole 2004 has been a challenge to me, starting the year with my thoughts firmly fixed on finishing and graduating from college and balancing that with the work I was doing at Ascension to the end of the year with thoughts of developing youth work in Winchmore Hill and learning about the demands and pressure but also the joys and exhilaration of full time youth work.

Highlights of the year most definately included: Euro 2004, Late nights talking with Wards, much mayhem and many laughs with the Hoskins Close posse, holiday in the beautiful Lake District with good mates, renewing old friendships.

2005 is almost here and is going to by a big 1. I’ll be married this time in 5 months which is massively exciting. I’m not 1 for resolutions but i do like to think of some things to focus on and try to develop in the next year. Still working on them. I might post them soon (we’ll have to see what they are first)

Happy New Year

God Bless


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