Thought for the week

24 Jan

I have spent a lot of this afternoon doing prep work for a few different talks and lessons. The thought that has continually come into my mind is how each one of us lives by some kind of faith. I’ve heard it said often by people who don’t have a particularly religious belief that they don’t have a faith. It strikes me that every person who lives has some kind of faith. It may not be in a God, but every person who sits on a chair shows that they have a faith of sorts as they trust that it will not give way. Even a person who says that they don’t have a faith in God shows that they have a faith that there is no God.

So what exactly is faith?

Read: Hebrews 11:1-3

Faith in a God who made you, me and everything in the world should have a dramatic impact on the way that you live your life. It has completely turned my life upside down, if it wasn’t for my belief that God wants to have a relationship with each and every person on this planet i would be doing a completely different job and living in a completely different way.

The same is true for you, if you put your trust in God He will do amazing, scary and fantastic things in your life. He doesn’t promise that it will be an easy ride, in fact He says that it will often be difficult but I hope that you’ll find it to be the only way to live a totally fulfilling life.

Question: How reliant are you on God?

Prayer: Spend some time right now asking God to be involved in all the decisions that you make. Be aware that He might just take you up on that, so think about if that is something that you are prepared to hand over to Him.

Have a great week, comments are welcome, if you want to contact me off line and ask any questions etc you can at


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