Thought for the week

28 Feb

Hi all, hope that you’re well. We had a meal after the service yesterday morning, I was looking around and saw the young people all gathered together around one table. It made me think back to when I was apart of the youth table but now as I reach the giddy heights of my twenties I am now a leader of that group.

Read:1 Tim 4:11-16

This passage is very well known and is often used. That familiarity can sometimes mean that the message is lost from it. So let’s focus today on what Paul was saying to his sidekick Timothy.

Paul, the older more experienced missionary has decided to write to his friend Timothy. It’s almost like a parental role of a dad or that of an older brother.

Think: What things can’t you do because you are too young?

Sometimes young people get a bad press, you often only hear anything about them when they are in trouble for one reason of another. Paul here wants to encourage Timothy to stick to these things (v. 12-13) so that people don’t have any reason to look down on him. If someone is living there life by these principles it will be hard for someone to honestly criticise them.

Think: In what way are you an example to these people: parent/s, friends, strangers that you meet.

Pray: Ask God to help you to be an example to all of those you come into contact with. Ask him to help you treat and speak to those people as Jesus would have.


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