1 Mar

I will be speaking at an inter-donimational Lent group meeting this evening. The weekly meetings focus upon Jesus’ words on the cross. I have been given ‘today you will be with me in paradise’. Should be quite interesting, hopefully they will be up for a bit of interaction. It’s always so diificult to know here to pitch something such as this. Straight on to another meeting after that, things have suddenly got very busy recently. Feel like i’m trying to keep all the balls in the air and am often diving to catch one just before it explodes on the ground. 24 hr Famine event this weekend, young people all sleeping over at the church and than we are leading the evening service.

Am going off in a little while to see my old boss and friend Tony Cant in his new residence. He’s agreed to officiate at our wedding which is really cool. It’s now less than 3 months away, suit fitting last Saturday was surreal. Someone telling me what to where and what colours go with certain things etc. and that wasn’t Jo. Not really my type of thing as you can well imagine. We (me and mybest man Jon) drew the line at purple suits. A little disappointed at the lack of crushed velvet Austin Powers style suits as this is what i had my heart set on.


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