25 Apr

Sorry for lack of posts. Had a weeks holiday after the marathon. I managed to get around in about 5hrs 20min according to my watch. Spent an hour on monday trying to get out of bed as my legs refused to move. Good experience and kind of enjoyed it, not doing it until my mid-life crisis prob about 20 yrs time.

Sorry to name drop (if you can call it that) but i did run/walk the last 6 miles with pop star Sanitta who firstly i had never heard of and more funnily i asked what she did for a living.

Spent my week off packing up my things and them moving into a new flat. That has been fairly hassle free and i am just about sorted out now. Nice to be a bit closer to work.

Stag night on Sat was good fun, thorpe park, dinner and good whiskey what more could a bachelor ask for?


One Response to “Busy”

  1. Amanda April 25, 2005 at 1:11 pm #

    A loving caring wife of course.

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