Overhaul Complete

5 Jul

Phew, it’s done.

My site overhaul is complete along with the new blog name but still with the same address. So you’re asking why Weird Hippy. Well it comes about from a discussion/debate with a guy i work with. We were talking theology, missiology, ecclesiology or any other way ytou want to describe these subjects without sounding so academic or up myself.

Anyway i think this guy was really struggling with the fact that i was questioning some of his fundamental beliefs about Christianity and he was struggling through thinking why he held those views. By the end i think he really was left wondering if i was actually a Christian. His parting words to me were calling me a ‘weird hippy.’ So no it’s nothing to do with dreds (especially since i’ve just shaved all of my hair off) or my clothes (well most of the time) although i do love the idea of being an authentic hippy.

Hope you like the new look site, let me know what you think

P.S. fully updated sidebars, please let me know anything else that should be in my blog role, websites, bands, books etc


One Response to “Overhaul Complete”

  1. Roy July 7, 2005 at 7:33 am #

    had me totally confused in my bloglines account – thought I had been hacked!!

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