round and about

19 Jul

Lots of things been happening over the past few days:


Due to go to Meg’s 21st in the evening, instead spent a large percentage of the day trying to get my mums cat (who we’re looking after) out from the roof space of a neighbours garage. How he got into such a small place we will never know. It really did appear to be a one way in but no way out situation.

Sorry meg, hope you had a good one. Present will find its way to you soon.


Led the youth group at church which was a lot of fun, really good group who have come on so much in such a short time.

In the afternoon i spoke at the Palmers Green Churches Together ‘Praise in the Park’ event. It was boiling but the turnout was ok. Got to speak from an old bandstand which goes out over a lake. Quite a novel place to speak from and it’s right up there with a large rock in the north sea and on top of the highest building in Luton.

Evening was my mate Chris’ 23rd bday bbq, good evening, good food. He’s the young one as he is 11 days younger than me.


Went to sea my friend Mark who’s just taken over the youth pastor’s job at Stopsley Baptist (he’s been assistant youth pastor for a number of years). Great to catch up with him and the amazing work that has been developed in their area. I spent a year working at SBC in 2001/02 doing my ‘appreteship’ in youth work.


2 Responses to “round and about”

  1. Anonymous July 19, 2005 at 12:54 pm #

    Lewis old buddy old pal! Sounds like a bit of a nightmare! Poor old cat!!
    Had a great day tho and it was lovely to see lots of people, I’m sure that we will all get to catch up soon.
    I hope that you had a lovely birthday too and that Jo is really well!
    keep going for it mate, take care
    Ps. Check out

  2. weird hippy July 19, 2005 at 2:08 pm #

    cool! I’ll add you to my blog role.

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