No Sex Please, We’re Teenagers

7 Sep

RACHEL and Dan are the kind of perky, Tiggerish Christian youth-workers who
could have stepped out of a Little Britain sketch.
In that meddling,
do-gooding way that some Christians have, they’ve somehow persuaded 12 kids aged
15 to 17 to become born-again virgins and give up sex for five whole months. I
can see you rolling your eyes already.
Their intentions are well-meant but if
anything will put these teenagers off their stride, it’s Dan’s disturbing habit
of referring to sex as “woopsie”.
I suspect many grown-ups will also be
trying desperately to get that word out of their heads tonight as they turn back
their beds.

(Extract from todays Daily Mirror)

I’ve already read a couple of different views on last nights first episode. So for what it’s worth here’s my take on it. I thought on the whole it was very interesting and the youth workers did a good job in handling the group. Yes Dan did make a mistake by introducing the term ‘woopsie’ but i know that i’ve said silly things that i wish i hadn’t that ended up sticking. The write up above seems to completely trivialise the whole programme.

The idea behind the ‘Romance Academy’ is really interesting and Dan and Rachel i think should be complemented for their bravery in attempting something like this. They seem to have done a fairly good job in getting a good cross section of society (a really posh yp would have been interesting).

The similarity between so many of the teenagers stories of losing there viginity at a house party where they had been drinking was very worrying. I don’t think one person said that they had a good experience of sex. It does show how much of a problem under age drinking is as young people and also older people make very bad choices when drunk. I wonder just how inheritantly liked alcohol and anti social behaviour are.

The episode ended with the young people being taken the states to experience sex ed. american style. The youth pastor really seemed to struggle with the bluntness of the english young people and was accused of not listening to them. He did seem to monologue his standard answers rather than engage with what was being said. Having been to middle class america with inner city english kids i’ve seen first hand the mistake that these kids were being rude, it’s just not how it’s done in some parts of the states or the UK for that.

Taking a group of young people some of whom have never had any experience of church to a charismatic evangelical youth church seemed a bad decision on the youth workers behalf although a few of the young people did have a positive experience. It is difficult and possably not right to judge based solely on what we saw as there must have been hours of other footage which i’m sure contained more discussion and debrief.

I’m looking forward to next week


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