Running Around

15 Sep

Yes it’s been a while since i last posted, it has been a very busy little while and will remain so for the next few weeks.

The Girls Brigade camp that i was on at the weekend was really cool, was slightly apprehensive about leading sessions with an age range of 8-16. In the end it turned out really well and people really participated with the stuff that i did and spoke about. It was fantastic to see a number of young people make a response to a call to a relationship with Jesus. I am trying to work out just how the follow up will work to this.

Normal stuff this week really and spent some time tryingto get organised for our church day away on Saturday. It seemed a great idea at the time and it still is, it’s just that it is taking up much more of my time than i expected. The idea is that it will add to the sense of family that should exist within the church which is so easily lost within youth work. I am very supportive of programmes that are for young people and even perhaps not being in a ‘service’ together but i am totally into family and looking at ways that we can maintain this without it necessarily being done through the format of a service (which in mine and many others experience just doesn’t work). I am trying to think of ways that we can have both social and spiritual interactions without having to have a 20 min part at the beginning of a sunday service that adults hate but go along with and children and yp just can’t wait to get of. We seem to maintain this because we don’t know what else to do. I have heard it said before at another church that when they propsed to scrap this idea and just let people go to their own groups that it is ‘breaking up the family’ but the question that i am left with is, did that family ever exist in the first place? or was it just an illusion?

Not got the answers to all this but am trying to think about what things should look like in our context here.


One Response to “Running Around”

  1. Pete Lev September 15, 2005 at 11:15 am #

    My church avoidds the 20 mins at the start by starting seperate and coming together at the end! Seems to work better for us.

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