No Sex Please – The Last Episode

21 Sep

So my reflections on No Sex Please We’re Teenagers and the Romance Academy.

Firstly it’s been the most interesting thing I’ve watched for a long time. I think last nights episode was really inspiring. Many of us have been in the place of trying to motivate a group of teenagers to be involved in a project and know how hard that can often be. The results of this project was phenomenal with 2 of the members of the first group going on to lead a new bunch of people.

To hear the reflections on the whole project from those involved was really interesting and to see the honesty, group cohesion and also the change of attitude and mindset was great. I think Dan and Rachel need to complimented on the way they gave the group freedom to develop and just for the creativity and courage needed to put yourself on the line in this way.

Well done guys, I’ll be interested to see how this project continues to develop


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