Good Meeting!

30 Sep

Had a really good meeting last night with a member of the church here. He has been involved with youth work for a number of years and has a real passion and vision which has been in place for a number of years. As we talked and prayed together it became evident that we share a similar vision and are both excited about the possibilities.

Meetings often leave me feeling tired and disillusioned but yesterday I came away buzzing with the excitement and possibilities. The things that we were talking about would be big and radical for our church and youth work and we talked about how often we confine God to boxes and our own imagination and expectation and don’t realise or let him use us in the ways that he wishes. We also spoke about something that has come up many times in the last year for me, that is ‘the fear of failure.’ I still struggle with this one as my insecurities come to the surface and even this morning I wondered if I got caught up in hype and anticipation last night. However I believe God was truly in our conversation last night and I hope that what we spoke about will come to pass.

In youth work and just generally I feel my emotions continually swaying back and forth. As a person who doesn’t really suffer from real extremes of emotions it may not seem like this on the outside but I think it’s one of the things that I find most tiring.

Must finish post now as my battery is about to go. Off to a rehearsal for an anti bullying workshop that I am going to be involved in. I play the role of a school bully who is subsequently bullied by his mum. I’m not great at drama so must continue to try and ‘get inside the character’ and ‘take on his personality’. Really I just want a coffee and play some football, re:create our youth club tonight so I will be able to fulfil that wish.

Have a good weekend



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