Pub Fellowship

19 Oct

Finally got a week where I can get my head above water. Nice really to feel as though I can catch up a bit and get those ‘jobs to be done when I get a minute’ done. I like the occasional week like this. Not too many evenings at work which meant I could go out for a drink with Neil last night. Good evening of talking and laughing although I did have to watch the unmentionables from the wrong side of North London win in the champions league. You just wait until next season!!!

Anyway I blogged a while ago about being in a non-reading phase, well I’ve emerged from that particular season. Just finished reading ‘Hebrews for Everyone’ Tom Wright and also re-reading ‘The Story we find ourselves in’ Brian McLaren.

Next books to read are: ‘Posers, Fakers & Wannabes’ Brennan Manning and then re-read ‘The Last Word & The Word After That’ Brian McLaren. I’m hoping that some others are going to read this at the same time as me so we can have some discussion and try and understand it together.

School lesson this afternoon with some year 12 students. The lesson I had last week with this group was hard work so I’m slightly apprehensive about this week. The lesson is called ‘Ultimate Questions’ so I hope they engage and ask some good questions because this lesson has potential to be like pulling teeth.


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