9 Nov

I’m ill, don’t get ill too often and i’m not very good at it. Managed to take part of Monday off (physically couldn’t get out of bed). Have had a lot on the last few days so am trying to get the important stuff done and then leave the rest.

Anyway it all came on quite suddenly whilst watching the White Stripes with Jo on Sunday. They were fantastic and the atmosphere at the Hammersmith Apollo was really good. A real range of ages was good to see, from 10 year old little skaters to their parents right up to discerning 50 something music fans.

Anyway yesterday saw the launch of our new discipleship programme ‘Explore’. We had 6 yp and hope to have some more next week. The session went well and saw some integration between members of different parts of youth work in the church. I hope that this will continue to develop and grow over the coming weeks.

One Response to “Update!”

  1. Suse November 9, 2005 at 5:03 pm #

    However ill you were you did well in the lesson today! It must have been divine energy!

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