16 Jan

After having a couple of days off ill last week i’m back. Some nasty sickness bug seems to be doing the rounds and it found me.

I have just finished reading Ellen MacArthur’s book about her amazing solo sailing journey around the world. Ellen reflects amongst times of relative calm about the world around her. I will add some quotes soon.

I think that i sense God most whilst being with creation. I was reflecting upon this just the other day. I work with a chariasmatic schools work organisation and often amongst the noise and enthusiasm (which i have no doubt is genuine) i find it hard to hear the often still, small, quiet voice of God speaking within me. Whereas for me just walking, feeling small and insignificant i sense God and am able to connect with my spirit.

I found Ellen MacArthur’s book inspiring as she recounts the unbelievable mental and physical strain alongside just moments of what i guess are awe of her surroundings. Made me want to jump into a boat, but with the idea of 40ft southern ocean waves perhaps a pedalo at centre parcs next week might be more realistic.


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