21 Feb

As expected the holiday clubs of last week pretty much took over my life, that mixed in with having an offer accepted on a flat and all that comes with that process my humble little blog here has been neglected.

Holiday clubs went well but were very tiring. We had some good times and it was good to see some of our leaders here all coming together and working on this.

The flat we are buying (that sounds weird and i am very nervous of saying it until it’s all tied up) is very cool. It’s closer to church and is more in the local area as well which is what we always wanted. Very strange having to deal with all the different people that are involved in the process.

Off this weekend for a youth weekend away which i’m really looking forward to but am very underprepared for at the mo.


One Response to “Slack”

  1. rev tc February 21, 2006 at 3:43 pm #

    just a little bit of advice re: house-buying mate. its more stressful than you think. you know, that kind of stress that hides under the bed and waits til you’re not looking then jumps out and scares the daylights out of you and makes you real angry and before you know it you wished you’d never walked into the danged room.
    so try to cut yourselves some slack time, and don’t feel guilty about it, especially when it comes time to do the actual moving.
    god keep you both in his love…

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