23 Feb

Interesting post from Ian over at Youthblog where he discussed the idea of licensing youth workers. I particularly like his idea of a metal NYPD type badge. As a JNC qualified youth worker I feel as though even the letters as they stand are enough to swipe aside those pesky amateurs who show me how to do things properly on a weekly basis. In all seriousness the JNC validation has proved helpful to me on a few occasions in discussions with schools but i think is generally just looked for by churches as it is talked about so much and has become a pre-requisite in many places without really knowing why.

On a completely different note, it’s snowing here. I closed my eyes to pray at our 7am prayer meeting (and didn’t fall asleep, I try very hard as I’m supposed to be ‘leading’ it) and when I opened them it was chucking it down with snow.

What is it about snow that makes a twenty something year old still get excited? It is just another thing that makes you wet and cold and I don’t like rain. Perhaps it’s because you can’t so easily pick up and throw water!!!


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