Whilst I was away

27 Feb

Yes, whilst i was away at the weekend on a youth weekend away (which was great, and i will blog about soon) there have been a number of really thought provoking and interesting posts and i just want to highlight them to any one who stops by here or may find themselves passing through.

The first was by my mate Tony here as he thinks through the issue of a using our gifts but not at the exclusion of God. Also he touches upon how our identities can become entangled with what we do and how successful it is.

The second is by Laura here. She expresses views on ecclesiology that are much more eloquent than mine. She is part of what seems like a ground swell of people of similar age to me which excites me but i am still to work out quite what this movement will look like. Is it a ground swell or do i just mix in different circles now?


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