Back in the day

20 Mar

Last night i went up to Luton where i used to work in 2001-2002. Yes some people do refer to it as the arm pit of England or to its position as number one in the second edition of crap towns but i really enjoyed my time there.

Anyway i went over with my mate Nick to Elbow Room the youth congregation at Stopsley Baptist Church which i was involved with in its early formative stages. It was great to see how it has devloped, the freedom of the young people in worship and the new influx of a new generation of young people. The best thing apart from meeting up with old friends who i don’t see nearly enough was to see my old ‘pod’ or cell group. When i started leading the group they were year 7’s who were lively to say the least. It was fantastic to see these lads now in year 11 and how they have developed and changed and how they have stayed together as a group and are really going on with God. It made me reminise of the good times i spent with them and with that great church. People have moved on but God is really blessing them and there work. Came back encouraged and comforted by the way God keeps things in hand.

I think God lets us know a little every now and then about the lives of those we have had the privilage of influencing and the way they have developed because of/ despite of us.


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