19 Apr

Arrived back from Springers at Skeggy yesterday and am back in the office this morning. So how do i sum up our few days of retreat into that strange Christian world? I guess that i would say that it was a mixed bag.

The more negative things were: a lack of depth in much of the teaching, Daniel Beddingfield (he was there doing some ‘singing’ speaking actually shouting because he is part of the stop the traffik campaign). What he said was fine (in terms of the project) it was probably more peoples hero worship of him which upset me and the fact that he called us his ‘audience’. Made me feel like i had paid to see him which seems to be part of some scary nightmare. Final negative was that i we were encouraged to buy so much stuff (we were strong and only got 1 book each).

Positives were the bible studies lead by Bishop Pete Broadbent who was excellent, Spring Harvest trying to be a little more creative in style and approach (didn’t always work but was good to see that they are thinking about it and trying a few new things). Hanging out with young people and friends from church, seeing some old mates from different places.

Also enjoyed a couple of nice glasses of wine on Easter Sunday after our water only lent.


One Response to “Skeggy”

  1. Anonymous April 26, 2006 at 7:32 pm #

    Hi just felt i had to agree with your comments on the teaching this year at Springy!! We were at Minehead and believe me it was no better…….Boo hoo ba humbug!

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