Blogger blows a fuse

25 Apr

so i try to write this post for the 3rd time. Blogger seemed to be having an off day yesterday.

Anyway, Sunday i was preaching at church. We looked at ‘the road to emmaus’ and looked at the question why was Jesus’ identity hidden from the travellers? I even got away with doing some group work. We went on to think about how we listen to and respond to Gods leading and guiding in our lives as individuals and as community. Had some good feedback from people who seemed to engage with different parts of the service. We still have the mentality here (or perhaps just the lack of people) that the preacher, leads worship, does the all together family bit and the sermon whilst picking the songs. I tried to do things a bit differently to what people were usedto by throwing in a confession (hat tip to my anglican friends) and also using a version of the Lord’s prayer that was written by some young people at our local secondary school who i work with.


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