21 Jul

I had a interesting meeting yesterday with one of the youth leaders in our church. As we spoke about one of the groups that we are involved with we continually came back to the vision of wanting the young people to experience God. As we reflected upon our own journeys up to this point we noted the importance of those times when we met with and sat before God.

We were worried that perhaps the young people with whom we work haven’t had that same experience. That same thing which gives passion about their faith and that transforms. I’ve been reflecting since upon this, our desire is good i think our frustrations that want us to see people passionate and meeting with a real God are also ok but perhaps we are just not in tune with what God is doing. The way we meet with God, speak to God, hear from God are not necessarily theirs. Also who are we to say how God should do things. Does this show a lack of trust in God? Do we even need to be involved in anyway for God to meet with these yp? I often find myself worrying as a youth pastor instead of trusting. This is an easy place for me to get to. My desire is for people to come and meet with God and be transformed but i worry when it isn’t in the way i want. What is that?

What is the balance of worry and trust in each one of our lives?


One Response to “Trust”

  1. Suse August 2, 2006 at 1:38 pm #

    Good post – it is similar to what I have got frustrated with. The yp i work with worship differently to me and so sometime i wunder r they worshipping or not. But I think we just have to trust that God reveals to us when we have to do things differently or teach differently about coming to God.

    It’s a pondering one…

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