25 Jul

I’m spending quite a significant amount of this week doing prep for a camp that i am speaking on in Norfolk next week. I have to prep about 8 sessions for the week and we are going to be looking at the various times where Jesus says ‘Follow me’. The idea is to look at transformation and being a disciple. I have been on this camp for many years as have a number of the young people who are basically all non church goers and are in a variety of places in terms of their faith. I am trying to do a few different things this year, i am firstly trying to be a little less teachy and hope to provide more reflective time and also time to meet with and be with God. I also hope to use the great surroundings that we have, we are on a cliff that overlooks the sea and we often get amazing stars. Sunday evening we will be having our devotional time part way through a walk on the beach.

I will probably post about some of the ideas when i get back. I am trying to be a bit brave with this group so it has potential to go wrong quickly but also has the chance that these young people will meet with God.


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