6 Aug

Here are some photos from my time in Norfolk last week. It was a really good week on the whole but was very tiring. We had some pretty dodgy weather at times as you’ll see.

Pic 1 – me on the top of the big town centre C of E Church in Cromer. Apparently it is the highest church tower in Norfolk and had a very steep winding staircase. Some great views out to sea from the top.

Pic 2 – The wind and rain that we had to contend with on our camp site. We had 50mph winds at times. Pretty worrying as the tents were shaking. Only lost a couple of tents fortunately.

Pic 3 – My very attractive waterproofs as we prepared for the storm to hit.

Pic 4 – A banner made by one of the young people around the theme that we were looking at during the week.

I don’t have a picture but one of the most interesting moments was getting locked inside a theme park ride with a couple of young people. We had to go around 3 times before they finally got the harnesses off of off. We left feeling slightly queasy.


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