Egypt (part 2)

24 Aug

Blogger picture facility seems to be up and running again now. Here we are enjoying ourselves after a nice lunch overlooking the Red Sea. Pretty hot whilst we were there 39C everyday.

Below are a couple of the many pics that i took of the moon and sun rise whilst on top of Mount Sinai. We started walking up at 1:30am and reached the top to see the sun rise which was something really special. It was some experience to follow in the footsteps of Moses and journey up this mountain. It got me thinking about Exodus which i’m spending some time looking. We see Moses called up the mountain by Yaweh a number of times. With our reading we often gloss over the journey element of this command. Moses would have had to travel for hours at a time to get up there and then to return again (and it would have been well hot to). What was he thinking about, how did he feel, how did he prepare to meet the I AM?

Below is a pic of what we were told was the original burning bush. It is at the centre of St. Catherine’s Monestry near the bottom of Mount Sinai. I’m not exactly sure of the geography as Horeb is the place talked about in the bible but can’t work out how close that was to Mount Sinai.

We had a great time looking at these different Holy sites but also had some time just to chill. The people were fantastic and I really recommend Egypt.


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