Terror Storm

1 Sep
I just viewed viewed this compelling piece after hearing an interview with Alex Jones on talksport last night. A desciption of it is below.

The just-released offering from Alex Jones exposing the phony terrorism herding techniques employed by our so-called representatives in government to further their agenda of control through enslavement.


One Response to “Terror Storm”

  1. D Bladehttp://www.prisonplanet.com September 3, 2006 at 4:44 pm #

    Yo Man,

    Just stumbled across your blog. A good read.

    Wondered what your thoughts were of Alex Jones. I’m a big fan of his and would be interested to know what you made of his TalkSport interview and subsequent Terror Storm piece.

    As a person who’s trying to spread the word as much as possible I’m intrigued to know what neutrals make of him.

    Nb. As a Blade I’d also like to congratulate you on how well you played against us the other week. Even though we lost I enjoyed the occasion and hope to be back at WHL next season.

    D Blade.

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