And you’ll know us by the trail of rubbish we leave behind

7 Sep

Aren’t we good at producing rubbish!

Everywhere we go it just seems to come from us. It’s one of those things that annoys me most about working with young people, i can often cope with swearing, disobedience and even at times blatant rudeness (not that i enjoy these) but when i see people dropping rubbish it just makes me angry. This isn’t just pointing the fingure at young people, i can’t count how many times over the summer i have seen rubbish thrown out of car windows.

Jo and me have recently got a couple of recycling boxes from our local council (although it was a bit of a fight as they don’t usually give them to flats, why??). It’s amazing that we manage to fill these boxes after a few days and usually have left over recycling from the week before. This idea of care for our world is something that i seem to get more passionate about as i get older as i wasn’t a very interested green in my childhood as i’m glad to here many are now.

But even in cyberspace we are creating rubbish (no jokes or come to think of it serious comments about this post or this blog). I seem to stumble across so many abandoned blogs and my bulk folder in my yahoo email account has picked up 244 spam in the past 4 days, crazy.

It just got me thinking, no other reason for this rant.


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