15 Sep

I was thinking about this quote with a group of students at a new Christian Union that I was involved with launching today. We were thinking about the idea of seeking using Jamiriquai’s virtual insanity as a way of thinking about how we are all searching for something.

“Seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand” – Augustine

Also this quote from Mike Yac’s book ‘Devotion’

“Seeking is searching, probing and stalking. Seekers aren’t satisfied with secondhand experience. They want to see, to touch, to taste, and to know with all their senses what they are looking for. Seekers don’t give up easily. They are persistant, unrelenting, fearless, and focused.

….Seekers settle for nothing less than the real thing. Seekers seek with their whole selves. And one other thing: true seekers find.”


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