Taming the Tiger

10 Oct

I have just finished reading a gripping book called ‘Taming the Tiger’ by Tony Anthony. It’s one of those books that have caused me to be walking around slightly bleary eyed as i haven’t been able to put it down when i should have been sleeping. It’s one of those amazing conversion stories that i don’t normally read but as it was recommended by a friend i thought i’d give it a go. Here is a bit of blurb about it:

Taming The Tiger relates Tony’s astounding life story, beginning when he is sent to China as a four year old to become a Kung Fu disciple, where he spends eight hours a day following a cruel and brutal training regime, overseen by the Grand Master, his grandfather.

Quickly developing into a Kung Fu expert, Tony becomes an elite bodyguard, protecting some of the world’s most powerful people whilst also winning the world Kung Fu championships three times. Personal tragedy, however, alters Tony’s sense of extreme discipline and he begins to use his skills for illegal means, becoming embroiled in a world of violence, destruction and death.

Eventually incarcerated in the notorious Nicosia Central Prison in Cyprus, Tony hits rock bottom. Through the visits of a stranger, he is introduced to the reality and life-changing power of Jesus Christ and he finds himself freed from the hate which had so consumed him.

You can check out the work Tony does at Avanti Ministries.


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