25 Oct

After speaking on Sunday at church (which i think went ok, always hard to tell)i’ve had a couple of days off to use up some annual leave which must be taken by the end of the year. Monday we went to see ‘Click’ starring Adam Sandler, it is one of those real feel good films which is pretty funny and you don’t need to concentrate too hard. We went to a showing in the middle of the afternoon (actually the first time i’ve been to the cinema since seeing Nania) and as we get up to leave discovered that we were the oldest people there by a considerable margin. We both had to fight the temptation to count all the people there to make sure we hadn’t lost anybody on a youth group trip out.

I spent yesterday on my own as Jo was back to work and i spent it cleaning and reading. I cleaned many things including some of our flat as well as cleaning up my laptop which has been running stupidly slow recently. It seems to have helped a little and i have just got over a panic where i thought i’d cleaned a little too much and lost my 2500 tracks on itunes. Managed to get them back, phew.

It’s been nice to have a couple of days of down time, i wish it had been longer but i can’t complain as i’m having a fairly chilled out week.

BTW cooked a really nice chicken casserole last night. I think i’ll do that one again soon.


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