1 Nov

Life at the moment is a bit like trying to run through treacle, sticky and complicated. Well that’s in my own mind anyway, it’s funny that when you become close to something it’s very difficult to see the bigger picture. Things are actually going along quite nicely but I think i’m just going through one of those seasons that invloves pressing on, sorry probably makes no sense. Perhaps it’s the weather change or just one of those seasons of life. Perhaps God is stiring something in me or perhaps i need to think less and get on with what needs doing. I have no idea why this ramble has ended up here, i started with ideas a grandeur about posting something intelligent.

Did however have a good meeting with Roy today which was more like running through grass fields than walking through treacle.


One Response to “Treacle”

  1. Roy November 2, 2006 at 9:32 am #

    might be taking the illustration to a new limit here – what if we stopped walking through treacle and ate it instead!? Forgive me if that is not a helpful question but it is one I have just been asking myself.
    Was great meeting up yesterday, you are a great encouragement Lewis, thank you.

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