Theology for stupid people

22 Nov

I have always enjoyed theology to a certain degree. I did seem to always find myself during my time at college head scratching and thinking that there should be a new class of which i would be president, ‘Theology for Stupid People’. Whilst away it was good to catch up with Jeremy my tutor at Oasis. As i sat in his lecture on ‘God’s Mission’ those feelings started to re-emerge.

I got the chance to grab him afterwards and asks for some wisdom into my current (well the last year or so) thinking and exploration into that cheery subject of hell. Although i don’t find this a particualrly enthralling way to use my headspace it seems to be continually prodding at me. My thoughts are that the way we ‘do evangelism’ is very often so caught of with our thoguhts around this subject. I have done a bit of reading around this but have been avoiding doing anymore research as i know the affect it has on me, and it’s not always positive. Speaking with Jeremy who offered a few insights made me think that it was time to do a bit more picking. I have just grabbed my copy of ‘Four Views on Hell’ off of the shelf (i bought this when i previously went through one of these phases but have never dared enter in).

I ask that God may gives me some understanding that settles my heart and soul within my human lack of ability to comprehend such matters and the fact that i am in the ‘Theology for Stupid People Class’


One Response to “Theology for stupid people”

  1. Shinde Blogger November 23, 2006 at 9:28 am #

    i have already enrolled in that class…a while back while you were still in sixth form!!!

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