20 Dec

I decided to go for a run early this morning in our local park. It was nice to get out in the crisp air and see the frost around and just delight in the quietness. As i ran (not for too long) I could see the world waking around me. During the advent season we wait with expectation for Christmas day, the coming of a Saviour. We see and can feel that expectation all around us, even in people who perhaps don’t exactly know what they expectant of. I wish i had taken the camera as i ran through the untouched frost. Must do this again soon with the camera.

I have spent a bit of time re-reading the chapter of Christine Sine’s excellent book ‘Sacred Rhythms’ on advent. Here is a prayer/liturgy that she has written.

“As quietly as the winter steals upon us, the season of joy approaches.
We wait for our Redeemer, for God’s love to come in fullness.
As candlelight overcomes the darkness, so your light radiates within us.
For light penetrates the darkness and prepares the way of the Lord.”


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