22 Dec

I have been tagged for the second time in a few weeks. After Roy got me the other week, Tony has got me with a different one this time.

Well I need to share 5 things that you may not know about me, so here goes.

1) I am a member of the British Parachute Association although I have never done a parachute jump. I was raising money with some friends to go on a mission trip to the Philippines. We did our parachute training and got our card but it was too windy to jump the 3 times we went to do it. And I was bricking it!

2) On the before mentioned trip to the Philippines I have eaten cheddar cheese ice cream.

3) I deferred a place to Uni after finishing my A-Levels to do a gap year with Oasis Trust. I never did take up the place and am now in my 6 year in youth ministry.

4) Once I beat my arrogant P.E teacher in a Badminton grudge match 15-2.

5) Love stand up comedy and weird surreal comedy (Jack Dee, Dave Gorman etc)

Well in keeping with this, I now in turn tag

Roy Amanda Suse


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