3 Jan

I received the quote below this morning in an email. The critique of being ‘purpose driven’ reminds me of a few things that Rob Bell said at Youthwork the Conference last year. I like this quote although I’m not sure about ‘It is not the destruction of all that is evil.’ I think it really summarises Christian hope in a very eloquent way. However surely part of our hope is the ultimate destruction of evil. Perhaps I’m just not getting it. Any thoughts on this quote?

“Christian hope is not based on which political party is in power. Nor is based on being purpose-driven, as some have written, or cajoling ourselves toward happiness, as some have preached. Our Christian hope is based on an Easter reading of the world. In the resurrection of Jesus Christ God overturns the world. God does a whole new thing. Easter is not the result of gradual progress. It does not signify a military victory. It is not the destruction of all that is evil. Rather, it is a breaking through to a whole new future. It is a letting go of what has been in order to grasp what is given in Jesus Christ.” (Phil Edwards)


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  1. Weird Hippy January 3, 2007 at 10:20 am #

    I recieved this comment via email but have been given permission to put it here.

    Hi Lewis,

    I think that what the author is saying is that Easter is not the destruction of all that is evil. For me, Easter means that ultimately evil will be destroyed (although perhaps overcome is a better word) and God’s kingdom will come in all its fullness (the new future of which Edwards speaks). But we live in the already-and-not-yet of that in which evil certainly is present even if its ultimate defeat is assured.

    Hope this helps!


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