19 Feb

I’ve just deleted the post I was starting and filed it under extremely boring. Basically things have been manic and I’m knackered and need a rest but it wont happen for a bit.

We finished off holiday club yesterday during our sunday service and upon reflection it was a great time. The best bit for me was seeing our group of young people helping out with the primary school children. Without these young people I don’t think we would have got through the week and it certainly wouldn’t have been so good.

With the holiday club coming so soon after our weekend away it was amazing to see the impact of having the group together for so much time. In the last few weeks i’ve seen to in-groups collapse, new friendships formed and a new sense of honestly and openess with each other and with God. Empowerment was one of the youthwork buzz words that has been banded around for a while now but I saw the affects of what happens when you give YP responsibility in the right settings. I know often to give a teenager responsiblity usually ends up with more work for the youth pastor/worker but to see them shine and develop makes it all worthwhile.

An illustration of this was during our friday youth club, like I say I was shattered as we had been packing down all afternoon from hol club and to be honest I was hoping for a nice quiet evening especially seens it was half term. In the end we had our most young people ever and it was a fab night. Anyway the highlight for me was whilst speaking to one of the group who had been a bit upset. After asking her if she was ok she told me she was now because she had spoken with and been prayed for by another member of the group. All that took place so naturally without me asking. This girl I have been trying to encourage into leadership and this was such a blessing and encouragement to me. It feels as though after more than 2 years of groundwork things are really building momentum and the group are becoming a community which they feel safe within.

There have been times herewhere my faith has wavered and I’ve wondered what I am doing. But the last little while God has shown me what he is doing.

There are still many challenges ahead but I really think we’re moving in the right direction, I feel especially privilaged to be working with this group at this time. Sometimes I think God just gives you a glimpse of how he sees people and I saw that these last few weeks.


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