Ash Wednesday

21 Feb

I was invited this morning to talk at a school assembly about Ash Weds/Lent. To be honest the start to lent didn’t start well. I walked out of my flat and fell down our iron stairs (luckily only bashing my arms a bit), on the way I realised that I had forgotten my jacket that I was going to wear for the assembly (as it was a bit of a posh school) and upon entry to the school I stepped in the biggest puddle soaking the whole of one side of my trousers.

Well after that things have picked up with a really fun assembly with a very attentive and participative group.

I love the rythymn of lent and have been getting more into it over the last 4/5 years. This year I have decided that instead of giving something up as I have done previously, I woud take something up so I have decided that I will read Christianity Rediscovered (I have started it a couple of times but never finished it) and I have also signed up to the text alerts for the Love Life, Live Lent Church of England Initiative.

Here is a Lenten prayer from Christine Sine’s ‘Sacred Rhythms’ to start this time:

“In this Lenten season, O God, we come before you,

Asking you for courage to open our eyes.

We want to see ourselves as you see us;

The empty and barren places, the halfhearted struggles, the faint stirrings of new life.

We come, trusting your grace,

Waiting for your illuminating word, longing for your healing light.

Do not let us be blind to your presence

Shine upon us, O God, and make our paths clear,

For we pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.”


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