Mending my body

27 Feb

I’ve just got back from my appointment with the osteopath/sports masseuse. There’s something about having a small lady put you through so much pain and then asking you if it hurts makes every part of macho-ness come out as you answer ‘no it’s fine’ through gritted teeth.

It is amazing however how much better the hamstring already feels and also how much better my long term neck problem feels. As we spoke it took me back a few years when I studied physiology, sports science and human biology. The only problem is how expensive it is. I think I’m going to have to go back for one more session.

It was good to get a diagnosis on my neck and to find out that much of it is related to my sleeping position (on my front if you were wondering!). Not the easiest thing to change (especially for someone that already sleeps badly) but it sounds like I have to try this if I want to save any more damage.


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