Leaving the Camp

5 Mar

Good session led by former blogger Roy at a team meeting this morning. We were thinking about Atonement and Sacrifice by using Hebrews 13 and Lev 1 and 16. We thought about the how Jesus suffered outside the camp and how he spend most of his time ‘outside the camp’ with the poor and untouchables. How much time do we spend outside the camp, who are the untouchables today?

I was reflecting upon Roy’s thoughts about being uncomfortable and how easy it is to become comfortable. My thoughts were what is the balance, the church is likened to a family community in the NT which in its best sense is a comfortable place to be, but also it should be a place of challenge towards mission. How do we hold these in tension?

I wrote in my notepad a phrase that I just throw out as it popped into my mind towards the end and I want to reflect upon it more.

‘We are to go outside the camp as Jesus went outside the camp and we are to bear the disgrace that he bore. Through this Jesus left the city and literally goes into Gehenna (the rubbish dump outside Jerusalem where bodies were left – that we translate as hell at various times in NT) – Jesus descends to the depths of hell’

What does this mean for us?


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