22 Mar

I’m teaching this sunday morning in our youth work. We have been doing a series named after Brian McLaren’s ‘The Story We Find Ourselves In.’ We are journeying through the bible in 8 weeks trying to give big broad brush strokes around the bigger picture and how things tie together.

After 5 weeks in the OT we start the NT with Jesus and I’m attempting to do some thinking around the atonement and different models. I plan to try and help them to understand a number of images that we get. Well to finish the session I have developed a little video which you are welcome to view and borrow if you so wish. I’ll add it into the resources section in the sidebar as well with the Vandalism video that I made with Andy for an earlier session in the series.

A heads up for anyone who wants to use youtube stuff and burn to DVD, I use vixy to change into the appropriate format which is quick and easy.


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