Catch Up

26 Mar

It’s Monday again! The weekends seem to get faster and faster. Well even though it went fast it was a good one. Saturday was spent at an NCT baby sale, which I found out was a glorified jumble sale with a few good bits and pieces here and there. The overriding memory was just the sheer amount of people packed into this tiny hall (definitely cause to be shut down on health and safety grounds). There were many cases of buggy/pram rage although not I’m sure by Amanda and Daniel who were spotted amongst the chaos.

We then had our church AGM in the afternoon which to be honest isn’t usually my number 1 favourite activity but this year I did enjoy it as I and others had the chance to share stories of the way God has been working through us in the last year. We then had some dinner as well as watching the footie with some friends.

Sunday slipped by in a haze of church services and meetings which were all good fun. we had just enough to settle down in front of the TV for my favourite programme at the moment Castaway. Although it’s a bit more hyped up and involves more annoying reality tv components like voting off than the original Castaway 2000 one by Ben Fogle I still like watching the community building aspects and the dynamics behind it all. I think if I ever make moves back into academia I will study anthropology.

I also finished one of my books that I had on the go


This is a wonderful view of the good old days of football and charts the movement of the authors dad as he struggled to make ends meet even though he was a first division footballer. It looks back at the days when the players were the poorest paid players in the ground and the jobs that they performed and antics that they got up to to supplement their salary capped wages.


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