Let God Grow 2 – Strength&Character

3 Apr


The second day of Let God Grow took us to the Houses of Parliament. Our theme was strength and character and our passage was Jesus clearing the temple. We had a tour around the House of Lords & the House of Commons as well as some of the other a joining bits. Unfortunately we obviously weren’t aloud to take photo’s whilst inside but I got this one on the way back to the station.

Part of my thinking around using this venue is that out local MP David Burrowes is a Christian and attends a local church. I had planned originally to get him to talk to us about what it is like being a Christian and working as an MP. In the end as the MP’s are on recess and David’s wife is about to give birth but we did have his intern who spoke to us a bit about this subject.

We gave out short lengths of chain as a reminder of the experience which I wisely decided not to take with me as I’m not sure how well I would have explained why I needed to take them in at the high security entrance to Parliament.


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