Let God Grow 3 – Faith

4 Apr


Day 3 saw us thinking about faith as we travelled to a footbridge above Royal Victoria Dock which is situated between City Airport one side and Canary Wharf the other. The only info that I gave to the group as we travelled was for them to look for as many examples of faith as possible. There responses were wide ranging.



We also walked over to the Thames Barrier park although none of us actually new how it worked. We read the passage of Jesus predicting Peter’s denial and had some discussion around doubt and whether it is alright to doubt.

One good discussion we had was around the Louis Theroux programme that I missed on Sunday but Lev blogs about here. I was impressed as I pushed them about how they felt that groups like this were given the same Christian label as them. One response was great as they said that this group just focussing upon a few things and uses the bible to prove their argument. They also said that the group failed to read the rest of the bible. I love these digressions probably the best bit.

I gave out toy planes as a reminder of the experience. It’s good to see Pink Lady is also running a version of Let God Grow in Hereford and seems to be having a good time.


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