Let God Grow 5 – Guidance

11 Apr

In case you were worried day 5 didn’t go horribly wrong hence my lack of posting. In stead I left my camera docking station in my office on Thurs and have not turned my computer on over Easter as I’ve had the last few days off. I was helped by having a dead battery and no power lead at home and feel all the better for not having picked up email, blogged or surfed for a while.

Day 5 saw us staying very local and going to the park to play crazy golf. This turned out to be great fun and we a good laugh and just a real different feel from the other days. There was less travelling and more hanging out and the weather was fantastic. Out theme was guidance and we looked at Jesus praying in the garden. We also had a picnic style communion in the middle of the park which was really cool as it was Maundy Thursday.



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