Retreat Day

11 Apr

I have been on a retreat day today. I try and take these but often struggle. Today I was good and used it to spend some time reading, praying and planning for the term ahead. I went up to St Alban’s as whilst there last week andy and myself agreed that it would be a good place to have such a day. Well it didn’t start to well, I was making good progress on my train journey and saw that I could catch an earlier train that would get me to St Alban’s so I jumped on with seconds to spare only to remember that my ticket was only yo Kings X as I was going to extend it from there. So I faced the inevitable humiliation as I arrived of having to pay a £20 fine to a very condemning ticket officer.

Well I’m glad to say the rest of the time I spend was great, I’m always astounded by how valuable these times are. I find that they are times of creative imagination where I can dream and am also inspired. I spent time in the Cathedral as I did on Let God Grow last week. It was wonderful to see the change from Holy Week to this week. Some of the covered icons were uncovered, the colours had changed, the stations of the cross exhibition had been replaced with once displaying vividly coloured statues of a variety of Christian matyrs including some of my own heroes of the faith, Oscar Romero (whose biography I have added to my wish list :), Martin Luther King Jnr and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.





I felt God guiding me and leading me in my teaching themes and styles for the coming term as I spent time in the silent prayer chapel. Also it was one of those times of recomittment to God and his calling on my life and as joined with thousands before for hundreds of years by lighting a candle. I like how this little video came out.

This day and space has also allowed me as you will see by the number of posts to catch up with the blog and to record my thoughts on some books and to finish off the Let God Grow series. Talking about this blog I have just had a look at the stats over easter and noticed that Easter Sunday showed a 700% increase in the amount of visitors particularly because of certain searches from search engines. This rise was also shown throughout Holy Week which was interesting, it seems to have gone back over the past few days to my more humble normal amount of visitors.

Today I read Sex God (as reviewed today) and also started on Brian McLaren’s ‘The Secret Message of Jesus.’

I need to take these ideas and start to put some meat around them.

“Be still and know that I am God”


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