Agricultural Imagery

2 May


This morning I’m spending some time preparing for our communion service on Sunday evening. My thoughts have been drawn to some of the agricultural imagery that we find in Jesus’ parable’s. I plan to show ‘The man who planted trees’ and explore this idea of seed planting with some help from ‘Contemplative Youth Ministry’ – Mark Yaconelli and from writings from Oscar Romero.

As I’ve been thinking about all these images of trees, seeds, scattering, harvesting, reaping etc I have wondered what metaphor Jesus would have used if he had walked the earth in 2007 in London? Would it have been financial or business (he did both of those anyway). There is something about the connectedness of us with the earth and the fragility of it all that I can’t seem to express through any other metaphor.

Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions?????


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