The Story We Find Ourselves In

9 May


We have recently finished our series doing a broad overview of the bible. It has taken 8 weeks and each week we have added another item to our shelf to remind us of the message for the week. Here is the shelf in our youth room and how it shows the whole bible in objects. Having taken the photo from the internal mac camera the image is flipped so now works from right to left.

1) Apprentice Artists – Creation (plant)

2) Vandalism – Crisis (broken pot)

3) Old Man Abe – Calling (torch – Israel as a pointer to God)

4) DOH – Conversations and Cycles (Blindfold – Israel being blind to God)

5) A History Lesson – Commentators, Rulers & Creative People (Ruler & Paintbrush)

6) Revolution & Restoration – Christ (Cross)

7) Pass It On – Challenge (Letter)

8 New Life (Plant)


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